Proove is a Swedish company which develops and provides products under its own label or as an ingredient brand to partners. The portfolio includes three brands, Holdit, Smartline and Telldus, providing products within electronics, mobile accessories, electrical equipment, lighting and smart home technology.

Our headquarter and product & design development is based in Falkenberg, on the Swedish west coast.  Proove has branch offices and manufacturing in China. We are well equipped to take innovative product ideas all the way from the drawing table to the store shelf with great focus on quality, CSR and ROI.

Customer value is always in focus, which means that both secure product delivery as well as design and quality is at the level that the end consumers expect. Due to this focus, Proove has a long and profitable partnership with many of the largest resellers in the Nordics.




Our Philosophy

Take a look at your smart phone. It makes things easier for modern everyday life, slightly smoother and simpler. But have you asked yourself how smart your life and home can be?

Our mission is to provide the market with those small things that make life easier, smarter, either by interacting with devices or by making smart choices. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions, driven by our own research and development departments or through partnership.

Our brands offer a wide range, from basic gadgets to our most advanced two-way communication systems. We supply the means to a smarter everyday life. In short, Live Smarter.


The Process

We have over the years accumulated a wealth of experience regarding the requirements for products in different markets and have therefore been able to develop our own Proove process to ensure high product quality, short delivery time and appliance to all the necessary certificates available, making the process from idea to finished product quick, safe and easy.




Proove stands for proving yourself. When Leif and Joakim Andersson, father and son, founded Proove in 1998, customer value and high service was the biggest priority. They were convinced that customer satisfaction is the key to success. High product quality, good service and the attitude that anything is possible still permeates the company and is the foundation of our corporate culture that puts the customer’s business in focus. Proove is a company to trust and who can withstand the test.

The Proove journey has just begun, and as a customer to us, we strive to make it a long and profitable relationship