Proove believes in transparent collaboration and an open, frank dialogue throughout the value chain. This spans from the producer to the end consumer. To support our undertaking, we work continuously to ensure that we and our producers live up to our high quality standards and that our work complies with social, environmental and ethical standards. By investing in CSR and quality work, we want to contribute to minimize the impact of our products on humans, wildlife and the environment.

Thanks to carefully selected suppliers and designers and relying on efficient logistics solutions, Proove offers a range with continuous product updates that respect the user requirements on design and function. Few suppliers are able to match our speed and flexibility in bringing custom designed products to market.

Proove is a family enterprise with long established roots on the Swedish west coast, where basic values such as simplicity and informality permeate how we interact both in business and daily life. Over 20 year, Proove has become an established supplier of illumination products and electric and electronic solutions for smart homes. Today Proove is the leading supplier in Scandinavia in its market segment and enjoys increasing growth in international markets. Together we create unique products and venture into new exciting business prospects.

Proove´s Code of Conduct is based on the Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948. Using our own on-site staff, we continuously make scheduled as well as unscheduled visits at our suppliers and collaborators to ensure compliance with our guidelines. In China, Proove employs its own CSR manager to make sure systematic inspections of work environments and human rights are carried out in all factories where Proove products are manufactured.

Together with our suppliers and their sub-contractors, we ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct. This is an ongoing process that is documented in detail and subject to continuous evaluation. In addition to the Code of Conduct, compliance with local legislation and regulations is equally important.

All Proove products and packaging are manufactured in accordance with current EU and REACH guidelines and comply with the environmental requirements that apply in the markets where Proove is represented. Together with our suppliers, we also ensure that the products comply with applicable chemical requirements. Our goal is to be at the forefront in this respect, and we continuously work on adapting products to applicable legislation and regulations. The system and routines we have implemented have shown to be highly successful in assuring our products through internal and independent testing. In addition to the tests performed by our suppliers, all materials used are subjected to our own testing. These tests are made in cooperation with independent external partners, such as CTT (Consumer Testing Technology Co., Ltd.) and Intertek, and all test results are documented.

Proove strives to reduce the use of chemicals in the production of accessories. This is why we arrange training courses for our product designers and buyers to help them acquire specific knowledge and necessary awareness for negotiating with suppliers. Our work on reducing the use of chemicals and compliance with legislative requirements for all our products is managed from the Proove headquarters in Sweden.

Proove strives to optimize its product transports. Both to meet the expected level of service to our customers and in terms of efficient warehousing. Our aim is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and utilise appropriate transport options, while maintaining the best service to satisfy our dealers and distributors. Our shipments are handled by third-party logistic companies, which we ensure also apply a sustainability strategy. The transport contractors we rely on are professional and serious partners who can provide the most appropriate means of transport in terms of sustainability, while not sacrificing our service level. For our shipments from Asia, we always strive to use boat transport for large product volumes. When delays are experienced or when dictated by the markets, we use air freight. Most of our shipments within the European Union are delivered by road, but whenever possible we also consider other suitable options.